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A couple of months back, I had someone ask me what my educational background was. I told
her I had a degree in Finance. She then asked me what made me qualified to make these
products that I sell. I was at a loss, I replied, “Nothing”.


It has taken me these couple of months to rectify her words and the doubt she brought forth.
What I forgot was knowledge doesn’t “create”, passion does. Knowledge doesn’t have to come from a degree, it is through study, learning, divine guidance and inspiration. Raising sheep ( which I didn’t learn from my Finance degree ) taught me the importance of how to approach health, through what we eat and what we are exposed to. Healthy sheep meant everything mattered; soil, grass, chemical exposure and stress. I wanted health options too!

So, I did! I did it with the passion to change how I cared for myself. This was done through the food I eat ( or don’t ) the stress I bring to myself and what I expose myself to. The knowledge came from books, studying herbalism and seeing how things blended, what makes things work, or not, trying and stretching things.

I am not an herbalist, I don’t need the title, but I have read the books. I am not a degreed
chemist, but I do it in my studio with my trials to see what holds and why. I have a practical
training. You can read and sit for a law exam to become a lawyer and not go to law school. It doesn’t make you less qualified.

Wooly Ewe is created through passion and a desire to have healthy options for my skin and my family’s. If others fall in love with how these products make them feel, I am honored. I reclaim my confidence and center back within my own soul. I am not sure if she truly meant her words to be so pointed, but I no longer give them power. I thank her for her gift, for she was my own shadow. I can now release the doubt and move forward with joy, holding my passion to create front and center. There is a calm and beautiful sense of peace deep down when you are following the Divine path of your soul. I and so truly blessed I have found mine here on my farm.

There is great love in my life.