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Lavender, the Swiss Army Knife of herbs. This amazing and versatile plant is the corner stone of our Wooly Ewe product line. Lavender is known for so many uses and benefits. It can be used for culinary purposes, skin applications with its healing and antibacterial properties and soothing aromatherapy benefits.  It can be used during pregnancy, on children and it is one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly on the skin without the need of a carry oil, as in healing burns. We have its essential oil, buds or springs in everything product we create.

This herb, in the right environment is a long lived, easy keeping plant. It doesn’t like much fuss, rich soil, compost or mulch. It loves an arid, dry climate, sandy well-drained soil and have heard it described as liking to be neglected.

When we considered, lavender as a contribution to our farm we loved the fact it didn’t need to be sprayed for bugs, in fact its oil is used in bug repellants. 

We have strived to be a chemical free farm and work with Nature, not against her.

In fact, we do have a sandy soil, full sun with lots of airflow and thought it would be perfect. Their greatest demise is root rot. Well, the fact we are flat and the last 2-3 years have been unusually wet, and having continual wet feet, we have had to pull all our plants and start over.

Here we go again, three times a charm, right?! With the help of our wonderful farming neighbors, new planting beds have been tilled and we have put in another 180 plugs (baby plants).  These raised rows will allow the ground to drain, keeping their feet dry, avoiding the dreaded root rot. 

We hope this will be enough to make these beautiful gift giving herbs to flourish. It will only take one season for us to be able to harvest their buds. In three years, they will reach their full growth, about 3 feet round, and can live into their teens. We couldn’t imagine not having their contribution in our products and are happy to try this one more time.