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As I look out my office window, the sun is beginning to warm the farm. The sheep are rising and mulling about, but I have been up long before the sun warming a lamb.

We began lambing 2 days ago.

When lambs are born, and it is not without challenges. I was up most of the night two nights ago, with Willow and she is now nurturing a beautiful ewe lamb. I will need to redue a body butter batch today as I got stopped when first time Mom, Cocoa, began her lambing. Poor thing, she was quite confused and still hasn’t quite figured it out. She has 2 lambs and one is currently on a heating pad on the dog bed in the bedroom, hence the warming a lamb comment.

I still feel like a fish out of water when things don’t go right with lambing.

For something that is to be so natural, it has a lot of variables that test you and them. So, I have learned to stop everything, be present and handle it. It doesn’t mean I do it gracefully all the time, but I do it.

Just like the creation of a new recipe, I have a lot of trial and error. That doesn’t hold the anxiety of keeping a lamb alive, but there is sweet triumph when things work. I keep trying until it works.

Farming is about showing up, just like life. I have never been one to play life safe. When there is a chance to bring beauty and love in to form, I gladly step forward. With the joy and inspiration, there may come tears. 

My heart, love and soul are deeply sown into to Wooly Ewe. The fiber comes from my beautiful ewes, I endearingly call my girls. They are loved, watched over and supported as they go through their life as sheep and mothers. The products come from a deeper place that sees the value of each chosen ingredient, crafted with care.

The gifts of fiber and products of this farm are filled with nurturing ingredients, but they also are stuffed to the brim with true intention, love and the sparkling magic of life on the farm.