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She loves the warmth of the sun and dry warm breeze whispering over her. The ancient Goddess of the Old European world has gifts are so abundant; beauty that soothes and heals all the senses, the physical, spiritual and mystical. Few others can match her abilities. We are honored to ask her to be the corner stone of our farm and product line.


Lavender varieties come in 47 species, and surprisingly belongs to the mint family.

Her bounty is used in all aspects of healing. She is used in teas to sooth the digestive system, decreasing agitation, bring calm throughout. Lavender is also blended with other herbs for enhancing the flavors of meats and other foods. Her calming benefits also serve the external uses with skin.

Lavender contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that serve internal as well as external. Externally, this benefit helps heal burns, wounds and irritations of the skin. She also calms through her scent. By involving the olfactory sensory neurons, lavender induces this calming benefit reducing anxiety, agitation and helping to prepare for sleep. It is used in diffusors, baths and even incorporated in hand made pillows known as dream pillows.

We have brought Lavender’s gift front and center as the corner stone of our products and a focus of our farm. Being that we are in Southeastern Virginia, it has taken us time to figure out how to incorporate her into our landscape. As we have just added a new planting, our direction may lead us to pots that are placed all around. What a beautiful way of bringing her in. Pots guarding our entry ways, allowing all to transform to a space of calm, peace and love.

Placed all around are gardens and house, invoking this magic and will even help ward off those pesky mosquitos in summer.

We are blending all these gifts and talents of this beautiful herb to our products, along with gentle natural ingredients. We will be adding a natural bug spray and healing salve for our summer line along with a lighter summer butter and face care. We humbly share her beauty, love and healing talents through our products to all of you.