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When we bought the farm, it was a blank slate; a soybean field waiting to be transformed. I had been reading about how to make a small farm profitable and the ideas were flowing. We were here to raise sheep, but ideally, every inch of soil should be utilized. I would soon learn that this would lead to lunacy, exhaustion and almost throwing in the towel.  When you choose to live “the dream”, and a life of abundance, you have to define that in a manor your soul finds joyful. You must feel rewarded to continue to slave away. I am still trying to hone that in.


“This year has been one of reinventing, redefining and transformation. “

This year has been one of reinventing, redefining and transformation. I love this farm and to find it joyful, this was absolutely necessary. I had to redefine what my true mission was and what “sheep farmer” meant. So, we transformed from raising breeding stock for providing pastured raised lamb, to raising sheep as pets for their luscious fiber. We replanted lavender, trying raised bed and pots so to overcome the overly wet cycles we face.

These changes all gave me the ability to manage this farm daily. I found that so many directions left me rundown, overworked, lacking in joy and time to creatively express my soulful side.

But isn’t this what we all seem to be trying to sort out? My daughter and I had a conversation about maintaining what we have. When we do so, it leads to a sense of peace and some control. When the urgent things do come up, you can handle it, and it won’t be the event that tips the scale.

I was raised by post-depression era parents. Work hard, follow a routine, be sensible. There was a minimalistic style to it; calm and predictable. At times, it was a bit boring and lacking of an artful flare.

With today’s always going, constant input, immediate response required (or expected) and never-ending blip of social media, I crave that calm predictability I grew up in.

People think you need to get away and unplug to achieve this, but I know the secret since I grew up in it. The trick is finding a way to have both calm and soulful creativity. But, to have one you MUST have the other. I can not create with our calm and predictable, it allows creativity to organically percolate. I am also able to see beauty in the every day. I am learning I don’t want HGTV perfect and what their expectations of design and redesign. I now look inside to find my creative self, not scrolling down the rabbit hole. Creating is the souls work, it brings joy, satisfaction and healing. It allows personal expression.

“Creating is the souls work, it brings joy, satisfaction and healing. It allows personal expression.”

These changes have empowered me to say “no” in order for me to say “YES”. I choose to manage the product line well, and to make each batch with love and intention. I want to serve my clients so they not only know, but feel how special and important they are. The have become part of my community. This farm and these products are my soulful expression that may not resonate with everyone, but it is with love and expression they are created. I say “yes” to slowly moving forward to manage and care for what I have, giving time for the small conversation with a neighbor, the chats in the pasture with my dear sheep or an afternoon with the grandchildren. Maybe I can inspire them to see the beauty right in from of them.