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I love simple. That’s it, plain and simple, especially when it comes to my daily  skin-care routine. I want that simple, too. That doesn’t mean I skimp on quality, but, caring for my skin is as easy as 1,2, 3 ( as the Jackson Five pop into my head, yours probably now, too ). Three easy steps; washing, toning and moisturizing, that’s it.   Some skin care routines have many steps, but not mine!



The first step, washing my face, is wonderful. Just because it is simple doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel luxurious! Not all cleansers are created equal or remove your makeup ( especially waterproof ). Mine does! I use all natural cold cream. It removes dirt AND makeup, cleansing without stripping the natural oils from my skin and is oh so gentle. I then steam it in with a warm washcloth, leaving my face rose petal soft.


Step two is the toner. I love natural toners! They cleanse the pores while reducing pore size. They are a gentle PH balancer, leaving your skin refreshed, not dry. Natural toners allow you to freshen up throughout the day, too. Feeling fabulous even in this muggy summer weather. Mine does!


Finally, but definitely not least, moisturizing. Choosing the right moisturizer entails natural ingredients with plenty of antioxidants to help you skin fight off free radicals. Look for preservatives that are considered broad spectrum and are formaldehyde / paraben free. Mine are!!

Our skin care should be healthy with the right natural ingredients that allow all the goodness to keep us looking and feeling our best. So you see, that natural glow can definitely be as “Easy as 1, 2, 3…”

Love your skin…. I do!!