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Caring for our skin is much more than one special ingredient. Our skin is affected by a good night sleep, or not a good night’s sleep. Continual lack of sleep takes its tole on our brain, thoughts, body and skin. What we drink and eat have a large impact on our whole being including our skin, so does stress. Lack of caring for ourselves in its entirety affects our whole self, which includes our skin. All I am saying is, our body and skin have many influences that we should consider in order to get that healthy beautiful glow. 

It isn’t just found in a bottle, and one perfect ingredient won’t give it to you.

Have you ever seen a person that has laugh lines and wrinkles but they captivate you? They are beautiful with a magical twinkle in their eye and a radiance that is stunning. That comes from within.

I want my laugh lines; those came from joy.

Sometimes those bags under my eyes came from a sleepless night of caring for a family member, what a gift. Through experiencing life, we are given gifts that create our individual beauty and joy. I once complained about my stretch marks, ‘til someone said they would give anything for them in order to have a child of her own. I now love my stretch marks and call them “life lines”. We can find fault or beauty in everything. So, I choose the beauty way!
I get it, our skin is the physical projection of us presented to the world and can be our mask. We want to show perfect, and that includes skin.

But what we seem to remember about others is not the lines or the bags under our eyes. It’s the smile, the brightness of their eyes, the magic they have that seeps from every pour into their whole aura.

Skin health is very complicated, and its not. There are definitely ingredients that can help, and based on your skin type that work better than others. Natural, non-synthetic ingredients are definitely a start. Also, learning to love who you are and the skin you are in is a beautiful way to start seeing ourselves. It is what we tell our children and friends. We love them and find them beautiful, and that is how they see us.

So, I take a few moments to savor my morning coffee or evening tea and cherish the vibrant colors of the salad I created. I choose, though at times it is more work, to eat whole foods.  But life doesn’t always allow us to do that.  I choose to laugh at the over energetic grandchildren as they bounce off the walls with jubilance. What ever moment I am in, there is gratitude to be found. These shapes my thoughts and influences the glow I bring to the world, my light! Everyone wants that, and it is right here. We emanate our life with our being, our glow. 
So, in caring for my soul, I am caring for my skin. I also choose gentle and natural products filled with love to care for myself and the people in my life.