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Our Roots

Where it all began.

Brentwood Sheep Farm Est in 2011.

My name is Kate Callahan, and my husband, John Moore, and I are the proud owners of Brentwood Farm here in Suffolk, Virginia.

After successfully getting 3 kids graduated through school, we went on a well-deserved trip to grand ole Ireland. We never suspected how life changing that would be. So, my husband and I decided to put our house up for sale and move to our wonderful 28-acre farm.

Brentwood Farm began with a mission to respectfully raise earth friendly grass fed lamb. We purchased our first 3 sheep (Felicity, Lilley and Maude) in March of 2012.  Now, our once small farm has grown to over 60 sheep, with the goal to reach capacity of 30 producing ewe and 100 lambs a year. This will provide our community with healthy pasture raised lamb and beautiful wool roving.

Our Lavender Adventure

With the hopes of adding a wonderfully versatile plant to our farm, we started growing lavender in 2014. We now have fresh and dried lavender bundles seasonally available as well as our all natural body products, the Wooly Ewe all natural body care line.

We are having a great time learning our new farm life. Both John and I began this venture with no farming influence. We have a great community around us that has helped us to navigate this new world, along with many long evenings reading (days are full of doing) and lots of trial and error. My father, who was raised on a farm in upstate New York, has been invaluable with his wealth of knowledge and creativity for a variety of projects.

We really look forward to the continual growth we are experiencing. I would like to give a special thanks to all those that have been a part of this amazing adventure. My husband and I find ourselves happier than we could ever have imagine as we move forward in our grace filled life here at Brentwood Farm.

The Latest: Fiber!

As our farm has evolved, we have phased away from the lamb meat production and are focusing just on being fiber farmers. We rehomed our lovely St. Croix sheep, with only our Finn sheep that reside here. Their luscious fiber will be harvested every year, taking us into the soulfully stimulating world of fiber art. A place filled with vibrant colors, natural materials which allow the imagination to explode with possibilities. We have spent many hours developing the infrastructure and growing our flock. It is such joy to return to the gentler side through creativity and art. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of muscle required, but now it is more balanced.

Words Speak…

Former makeup artist gone chemical this as a gift from cousin; LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cream! Can’t wait to shop for more skin care from ya’ll☺️


Your products are saving my skin with this crazy cold dry weather! Love the cold cream in the morning with a warm cloth it’s like a mini facial. The body butter is fabulous and just realized an added benefit…keeps the static away!

Susan L.

Your cold cream is heavenly! I put it on my face at night followed by a hot, wet bath cloth and press it into my skin and it just melts into my skin. It’s perfect for my dry winter skin.

Jane E.

Wooly Ewe products are all organic, natural and amazing! My sensitive skin has never been a happier!

Marion C.