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Handcrafted All Natural Products

All of our products are hand made, using products grown right here on our farm in Suffolk, Virgina. Nothing artificial here

Made Using the Highest Quality Ingredients

Our products are created with only natural ingredients, no artificial colors or petroleum-based ingredients. Even our containers are glass and tin, not petroleum-based plastic. We grow, cut and dry our own lavender and blend it with carefully chosen butters and oils for rich results nourishing to the skin.

Out on the farm

Brentwood Sheep Farm was started with the intent of bringing people products that are natural and chemical free. We raise our sheep on pasture and without chemicals to offer the best quality meat and wool. So, when we looked at adding another endeavor to the farm, we knew it must be sheep friendly and chemical-free.

So we started to grow lavendar. This amazing herb offers great versatility. It provides beautiful flowers and essential oil with soothing and relaxing qualities.

Handcrafted with love

Immersed in the possibilities of lavender, Kate (the lovely owner of Brentwood & Wooly Ewe) began to create skin care products using only natural ingredients. She first made them for myself and soon fell in love with how they made her feel, inside and out. So, she began to share.

A Note From Kate

May our Wooly Ewe skin care sooth your senses and your soul. We are take pride in the quality and care placed in the creation of our products and are humbled to share them with you.

Relax. It's Natural.

From our home grown lavender, to nurturing rose water and ground oatmeal, all of our products are 100% natural. Nothing artificial or harmful here.

So, warm up a bath, scoop in some of our bath salts, and relax a while. You are well on your way to a healthier, happier you!

We Want to Hear from You!

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